Think and Go Hustle by Dylan Madden Review

I originally discovered Dylan in Spring of 2017 when Rise and Claim was just beginning. What I saw was someone who was young, determined and had a vision of what he wants out of life.

These attributes resonated with me as I could relate to him completely. Since then, I have watched him pump out quality content on youtube throughout the Summer months and onwards.

During this time Dylan was promoting his upcoming new book titled “Think and Go Hustle“. Although I had not read the book until recently, through his other platforms I have seen his book evolve alongside him. 

This only became fully clear until actually having read the book. Ideas and thought processes I heard Dylan mention before had finally been brought together and made into solid, concrete evidence.

This isn’t to say that the book is rehashed material. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is the culmination of years of life experience channelled down into one body of work.

While reading this book I was surprised at the unique spin Dylan put on everything, from the narration to the chapter titles such as “Blood, Euphoria and Rage”.

Even as a fan of his work, there was always new questions raised in my head while reading Think and Go Hustle.

His platform, Calm and Collected perfectly describes Dylan’s persona. As he said himself, the book could of been released sooner but he wanted to take his time and make it just right. Well I can say, I’m glad he did because he has done exactly that. 

Even the artwork itself should inspire you to want to hustle and it does. A good book should not be simply a large collection of words. It should be a piece of art in itself. 

think and go hustle

Think and Go Hustle In the Flesh

Throughout Think and Go Hustle Dylan presents numerous examples from his past of how he has made extra cash hustling. From picking up trash in parking lots to driving for UBER, nothing is beneath a man who needs to make ends meet.

By telling the real story of how he got to where he is today, Dylan has shown a level of authenticity not many others can claim to have.

This isn’t a book by someone who has never done a day’s work in their life. 

When you read Think and Go Hustle you will know it was made by someone who has been there and done it with the pictures to prove:

Pictured – Dylan Madden, Victor Pride and Mike Cernovich

That picture is from Dylan’s time in L.A alongside Victor Pride and Mike Cernovich, the national security reporter and documentary filmmaker.

During this time Dylan worked with Victor Pride of Bold and Determined and fine-tuned his hustling game.

All the advice in Think and Go Hustle is actionable because you are reading the work of someone who has taken action and can relate to the situation you are in currently.

The problem with most self-help books is they are full of theory without any practical advice. Unlike those, Dylan walks you through step by step the journey you need to take to become the person you could be.

This is all done in way which is both entertaining and effective. You are taken from being just a spectator to being put in the driver’s seat.

Dylan states, “Life is a game. How would you like to make the rules?” If your answer to this question is yes then you will benefit from reading Think and Go Hustle.

Each chapter you read unlocks a new level giving you the opportunity to upgrade your life, if you follow the steps and takeaways carefully.

The other option is to become a NPC (Non- player-character), someone with no purpose, drive or ambition. This is the place where people go to die who have given up on life.

Hustling is a Way of Life

Think and Go Hustle is not a long read. It could be read within a single day. Before going to bed that night you could have your script made and planned out in front of you.  The short length of the book was done intentionally I believe.

I have seen books continue for too long only to cause the reader to run out of steam before the end. The result is they miss the all-too important conclusion which could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Dylan has removed all the fluff whilst still keeping all the meat. What you are getting with Think and Go Hustle is something you can take and immediately start creating ideas from.

From these ideas you can then start making real money.

The most important part of having success is taking action. This is why Think and Go Hustle works so well. It could well be the kick-starter you need to changing your life for the better.

Don’t delay living the life you deserve. Click here to get your copy of Think and Go Hustle.

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  2. Don October 16, 2017 at 8:08 am - Reply

    Peter, I haven’t heard of this book until now. It has my interest because usually I’m not a fan of self-help books. There are many reasons for that which I won’t get into for the sake of time and space.

    The reason, “Think and Go Hustle” has my interest is because, as you pointed out, it touches on his personal life. I’m always interested in seeing how someone has improved his or her life, especially when dealing with the challenges that life has for all of us. It really sounds like a book that is worth reading!


    • Peter October 16, 2017 at 8:36 am - Reply

      Thanks for commenting Don. I’m glad you see the appeal that I did as well. It is one thing to write a book. To live by the principles you wrote about, now that is another level.

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