Strategic Planning for Success and the Requirements for Mastery

If you ever played a strategy game growing up then this will all be second nature to you.

If not then everything will become clear soon.

In non-strategy games you could get away with executing foolish moves but they would be the death of you in a strategy game.

Everything requires a much greater deal of planning and patience to go along with it.

From your supplies to who you select as your comrades, everything matters.

We can only carry so much at one time.

Eventually to take on another burden will mean something has to give.

These are the “yes men” who never get anything done.

Instead of committing to a few core pursuits they spread their bases too wide and thin.

They end up sinking to death by their own self-sabotage.

It is possible to bear more responsibility as you grow but taking on too much too soon can be dangerous.

Like a muscle it needs proper progressive overloading, this takes time.

Selecting who you spend your time with is also important.

Their bad habits can rub off on you whether you no it or not.

No amount of resilience can survive when you are surrounded by toxicity.

When everything matters nothing should be left to chance.

Those who do are soon sorted from those who do not.

These are the “Oh it’ll be fine people.”

Eventually their supposed luck runs out.

They have no legs to stand on because of poor strategic planning.

They pay no attention to strategic planning for success.

Their deluded optimism then turns to negativity.

strategic planning for success

Strategy requires an awareness of the past, future and present.

The past asks that we learn from it.

Whatever mistakes or experiences that can be taken should be done.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

To know our weak points it is essential that we reflect on our past decisions.

Where they good or bad?

A good strategist won’t miss opportunities for reflection.

The present is won by doing what is best for ourselves.

A wide variety of activities are possible and a good strategist will select  the right amount of each for his own benefit.

It is important to learn how many hours of sleep and rest you need to be at your best.

This pays off by making your hours awake more productive.

Finding time to exercise and push your physical limits will allow you to live life confident and sure of yourself.

The right nutrition along with this will fuel you to enact your strategy for success.

A good strategist knows how many hours they can work at their best and what time of the day this falls on.

They will know how to plan their day to get the most out of it.

The possibilities are endless but they don’t let it slow them down.

Instead they find out what works best for them and act on it.

A good strategist knows that endless hours can be spent theorizing and guessing but eventually action needs to be taken.

The best way to find out whether something works or not is to do it.

There are only so many books on success that you can read.

With trail and error then only then can you know the truth for sure.

Red Army Rifleman, Fighter, World War Ii, Fallen

Strategic planning for success has requirements

Planning is necessary to a good strategist.

It is how they organize their next move.

It removes time spent wondering what to do next.

Everything is set out already.

All that is required is to follow through with the plan.

Setting targets to meet allows for continual progress.

Others without targets will lose interest and forget the bigger picture.

Self-evaluation is a vital aspect of strategic planning for success.

By tracking performance it helps keep you accountable.

Without actual things to measure success against then it becomes near impossible to keep track of.

For health and fitness this is easily tested in the gym.

Medals and personal bests are all indications of increasing success.

Even the weighing scale can be used to gauge how many pounds you have lost and how many you have to go.

Forming new relationships and strengthening ones already formed is a must.

A good strategist knows that they cannot do it all alone.

Surrounding yourself with the right people can push you to new heights that were once thought out of reach.

It is near impossible to see everything at all times.

Things can remain hidden to us and so require someone with an outside perspective.

This requires trust in friends to have your back.

Being a producer is a mindset.


Learning from the best

They say you need to plan in decades, think in years and work in months.

Last year I would called it wishful thinking.

Today I can say that is true.

These are the people who use strategic planning for success.

It is not by becoming wildly successful that I have come to this conclusion.

It is by auditing my own life I have come to agree with it.

Planning in decades can seem like an eternity for young guys like myself.

We haven’t been around long enough to experience a completely independent decade yet.

A lot of my findings are from first hand experience.

I also get a lot information from others who share their knowledge through books and online.

There is vulnerability in this no doubt but the freedom to choose allows me to only select those of the highest caliber.

There are few places to hide when you can see what someone has created with your own eyes.

The reason you should plan in decades is because that is how long it take to truly master something of value.

This is akin to what Robert Greene talks about in his book Mastery.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Some may be thinking “A decade to only master ONE thing?

“That is too long and requires way too much effort!”

“How will I ever have a good life if all I do is focus on one thing?”

Strategic planning for success doesn’t happen overnight.

Everyone always wants to complicate matters and create unrealistic circumstances.

Mastering one thing doesn’t just end there.

When you dedicate yourself to a field of work or learning, the outlook and experiences that you pick up along the way will mold you.

Along your path you will meet others who are seeking to master their chosen subject.

The exchange of ideas will cause great overlaps of knowledge.

The end result is Jack of all trades, master of one.

By pursuing something with your focused efforts you won’t become a one trick pony.

Specializing in something in particular is a must.

Many won’t start at all.

Others will begin but fall off the track.

Strategic planning for success will get you to where you want to go.

Begin by setting goals



Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

P.S Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think.

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  2. Bill August 16, 2017 at 9:01 pm - Reply

    You make some great points. I like what you have written, I actually read it twice. I look forward to reading more. Having focus will always help reach goals. thank you

    • Peter August 17, 2017 at 10:35 am - Reply

      Hi Bill thanks for commenting. I hope you have learned something and you can put it to good use!

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