Happy St Patrick’s day

Have a happy St Patrick’s day and shout out to the Irish all over the world!  The Irish are always showing that you can be persecuted continually throughout history but still come out on top!

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Conor McGregor is a proud Irishman and hugely successful


St Patrick’s day for many is an excuse to be an idiot

St Patrick’s Day is a massive occasion for drinkers worldwide. What better way to celebrate the sacred holiday for many than by getting completely wasted. By wasted I mean having no inhibitions and losing your possessions or getting in a fist fight for no reason.

All over the western world people will be getting smashed today. I encourage everyone to have fun but stay aware of your surroundings and don’t take it too far. Alcohol when done right is great don’t get me wrong, but when you use it to the detriment of the rest of your life that is where the problems lie.

Know Your Limits

There is a fine line between having fun and doing something stupid you regret. Knowing your limits comes with strong self knowledge and control that you need to  gain as a person.  Not remembering anything that happened the next day means that it may as well not have happened. Spending a weeks wages in one day is terrible for your mindset and personal finances . Alcohol is expensive, period. It’s even more expensive when you go to a bar and think you’re a ‘baller’. Word of advice for everyone; keep your credit card in your pocket or don’t bring it out with you at all.

I have been one of these idiots

I’m talking from experience here. I kept making the same mistakes and following the crowd. Eventually,  I came to the realisation that it was terrible for every aspect of my life including my health and my relationships (drunk texts).

I’m much happier having a few drinks but always being in control of my mind and body. Not to mention the hangover from hell is gone. Hangovers kill your productivity by setting you back days in you personal growth. Add all your wasted days from hangovers and think about where you could be if you had of been moving towards your goals instead.

Please don’t drink and drive

Drink driving is a heinous act that causes the needless deaths of thousands each year. Drink as much as you want but please don’t put any innocent lives at risk because of your idiocy.

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Traditional Irish Bagpipes

Enjoy the celebrations and have a great day.


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