How Doing the Right Shoulder Workouts Can Build Massive 3-D Delts

Shoulders to the masses, but delts (deltoids) to lifters. When shoulder workouts are done the right way, 3D delts are possible.

One of the staples of a great physique now-a-days is having a pair of 3D delts.

Now while it is difficult getting a pair as a natural lifter, it’s not impossible.

Delts have some of the highest amount of androgen receptors in the body.

As a result, they respond well to steroids.

This is what can create that crazy boulder-shoulder look when using gear.

If like me, you are a natural lifter who wants some 3D delts, then look no further.

You have come to the right place.

3D delts can dramatically change how your physique looks.

Having broad and thick delts will increase your shoulder-to-waist ratio.

This will give the impression that you are much bigger than you actually are.

Of course, we all want to get big plain and simple.

But increasing your shoulder-to-waist ratio is a great way to get there.

A wide frame is noticeable within a split second.

It creates a dominating presence which is always good.

Alpha Destiny showed a great example of how this is the case.


NFL players and shoulder padded jackets.

You get the idea.

Most lifters have shoulder imbalances from bad shoulder workouts


Having 3D delts means they need to be big from all angles.

The front delts already get hit a lot with all of  the pressing movements.

This means that front delt raises are not necessary for most people.

The majority of lifters have overdeveloped front delts and lagging side and rear delts.

You can now turn your focus to these guys.

Show them some love, right?

So you want to get them big round 3D delts?

There are a number of things you need to start including in your shoulder workouts.

1 Side lateral raises

Along with all your compound movements, including side lateral raises will help bring up your side delts.

This will create that crazy shoulder-to-waist ratio.

Chisel them shoulders like a Greek God.

2  Face pulls and the rear delt fly

“That much isolation for the rear delts?”

This is a difficult muscle to target with standard exercises.

If you really want to get that 3D look, then you need to start giving your rear delts the attention they deserve.

You need to treat them how you would treat your biceps.

That means you need to hit your side and rear delts 2-3x a week for 2-4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Try and get stronger over time.

You don’t have to be increasing the weight every shoulder workout.

Even if you’re increasing the number of reps you can do, you’re still getting stronger.

Side laterals and the rear delt fly can be done with either a machine or free weights.

The face pull can only be done with a cable machine.

Strengthening your rear delts will also help with your overall shoulder health.

But that topic is for another day.

❌[PEC-DEC: REAR DELT FLY]✅ . One of my clients told me he never feels his rear delt when performing REAR DELT FLY on the pec dec machine so I told him to send me a video. . The reason why he wasn't was because he was performing them like the "DON'T" execution above. He was shrugging, maximizing scapula retraction, driving he's head forward. . Essentially working the all be upper back muscles [ traps, rhomboids and teres ] and very minimum REAR DELT since he kept losing tension. . If the goal is to work the REAR DELTS you should try executing them as the "DO" execution above. Start by setting up with your hips behind the shoulders chest pressed against the pad. . Then have scapula in protraction /depression [stabilized scapula] from there focus on keeping that protraction/ depression, core engaged, and begin to drive back/out with your elbows. . KEY: maintain tension through the entirety of the moment [ delts active range of motion] which is about 90 degree angle give or take, generally, I would say for the most effective way to execute this movement. . NOTE: keep your head still In a neutral position the entire time and ONLY focus on that rear delt activation m[ mind to muscle connection is real💯]. . Hope this is helpful to some of you out here. If you're liking the recent content make sure to like, comment, and tag a friend. Love y'all. 💯❤️🙏🏽 . Online Coaching: @Newbreedphysiques Apparel: @nattyasfuck . #fitnessIQ #newbreedphysiques #manifestgreatness

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3 Get STRONG as hell on all the big lifts!

No magic tricks.

If you build incredible strength on  all the big compound lifts then there is no way you will have small shoulders.

For example, lets say you can do multiples reps of bench press and  barbell rows at 1.5x body weight and multiple reps of OHP at body weight.

You will have big shoulders, period.

Your delts will have no choice but to grow.

Keeping all other things the same; a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle.

Make sure you’re including side laterals and direct rear delt work on top of this to improve your shoulder workouts.

This will ensure your rear and side delts catch up to your front.

Building 3D delts takes a long time

No one likes to hear this.

3D delts don’t happen overnight.

Building muscle takes longer than you may think.

It may take a couple of months before you notice a difference.

If you’re a beginner you will notice changes quicker, lucky you!

World class delts can take over 5 years of continual TLC to build.

You need to be patient and enjoy the process.

How Your Shoulder Workouts Can Build 3D Delts

Go forth and make gains!

If you do all that I outlined above then you will have shoulders that even Hercules would be envious of.

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    Big shoulders are the best muscle, gives you the width to block doors.

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      They are a must for anyone looking to become jacked!

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