Setting Small Goals: How You Can Achieve Big Results

Great things can be achieved by setting small goals.

Whether that be a phone call or an idea jotted down on paper, there has to be something from which all else proceeds.

That something could be the start of greater things to come.

But only if you so choose it to be.


View progress in a different light with small goals

If you are someone who has struggled with making progress in your life, then you need to be honest with yourself.

You aren’t going to become a different person overnight.

It can be extremely challenging to completely 180 your habits and mindset.

Bad habits and a negative mindset which has built up over years won’t be effortlessly changed.

It will take consistent work at these to alter them.

Slowly but surely, day by day you can make changes which can result in a better you.

One that you can be proud of.

When you ask too much of yourself too soon you can feel overburdened and disappointed when you aren’t yet up to the task.

This can result in quitting,

Returning to your old ways means that  you are resigning yourself to your previous fate.

You may regain the confidence  to try again  eventually but  what has changed?

If you go about it the same way as before then you are doomed to a repeat of failure.

To be more optimistic and conquer your negativity check out my previous post here!

Be honest with yourself

To begin the pursuit of success takes humility.

You have to accept the fact that you are beginning from the ‘bottom’.

There must be a self-awareness of the fact that you know very little.

By doing so you are making yourself and everyone else aware of your own shortcomings.

That isn’t an issue though.

You have plenty of time to learn and develop.

Most people will not be able to admit to themselves and to the world that they are novices.

Instead they prefer to act blissfully unaware of their downfalls.

This is the reality you must accept  if you want to get anywhere in life.

You need to step out of your comfort zone.

Everyone successful at one stage was the ‘new kid’ at work or the guy with 0 followers or the 155lb guy at the gym.

Some shudder at the thought of this.

Others get fired up at the challenge and embrace the journey.

The difference between these two groups is that the successful group choose to ignore what others think.

They took the first step.

And the second  step and the third and so on…

They went to the gym, they messaged an expert.

They put themselves out there.

They asked questions others didn’t want to ask of themselves.

Smart goal setting: how using small goals will achieve big results

New beginnings create big advantages

When you begin anything anew you are at three advantages.

 1) Progress

Utilising small goals produces an environment for you to flourish.

The room for progress is massive.

You can see great strides in your knowledge and skills in a short amount of time.

People underestimate what they can do in a day and overestimate what they can do in a year.

A year from now you could have vastly outperformed what you thought was  possible.

2) Pressure and Expectations

Another advantage is that you have less pressure and expectations on you.

This means you can focus on what you need to do without having to uphold any image of what you are supposed to do.

Getting rid of distractions will help you to concentrate.

3) Adaptable

Because you are fresh on the scene you are more adaptable than someone who has been in the game a long time.

You will have less constraints holding you down.

The ability to react quickly to change is beneficial for growth.


Small goals creates momentum

Momentum is a beautiful thing.

When you make positive steps forward in the right direction it will be easier to continue on that path.

Momentum also makes it harder for you to stop.

Slowly you will find it easier to avoid your bad habits.

And you will begin relishing your new ones as a result of creating small goals.

There is one requirement for momentum however.

That is, you MUST begin to make steps towards your small goals to enjoy the benefits of it.

Momentum can take you where others dare not go.

Understanding the importance of consistency for long term success is essential, find out more here.

Sit down be humble

People are not joking when they say they came from humble beginnings.

The rags to riches story isn’t a myth.

Those who came up from nothing made small changes day after day.

Over time this led to huge results.

When they look back they may only remember the big steps they took.

But it was those less noticeable steps they made towards their small goals which made them who they were.

This enabled them to win big when the time came.


Celebrate when you achieve your small goals

Just got your first sale?

Hit a PR?

Lost your first 5 lbs?

Congratulations, you should be encouraged and more driven than ever.

But don’t celebrate by reversing what you have accomplished so far.

No binge eating, no extended vacations.

Achieving your small goals shows that you are doing something right which you weren’t doing before.

This means you should stick to the basis of what you are doing.

You should see these smaller achievements as landmarks on your way to what you want in the future.

Celebrating your small achievements should be used as time to regroup and reassess your thoughts.

You can also  prepare for your next onslaught of work.

By celebrating even the smallest of achievements you are giving yourself an incentive.

Some find the ‘grand picture’ too abstract to use as their drive.

It may seem too out of reach at the moment.

That is why achieving small steps every day, week or month can help you on your quest to glory.

Breaking  larger feats into small goals makes it  less of a struggle.

Smart goal setting: how using small goals will achieve big results



Using small goal setting is only small in comparison to the larger achievements which you can make in life.

Small goal setting can have great outcomes.

They are absolutely necessary in creating success.

Picture it as laying the building blocks for whats to come.

Smash your goals in life then smash em’ some more.


Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.




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