The Power of Work and Why It Will Make You Successful

Work is a word that strikes fear into the heart of many.

We are continually sold false promises of get rich quick schemes which only help to keep us locked in servitude that much longer. Every time you fall for such a scheme, you prolong and enhance the inertia to get started on something worthwhile. Just like everyone else, you are so desensitised to the lies and deceit being peddled your way that you no longer even recognise it.

The Reality Is Different From What Everyone Believes

This loser mindset keeps people poor and unhappy. The idea that you will one day wake up with all your problems solved is a dream. A dream that only happens in awful Hollywood movies and bedtime stories lazy people tell themselves.

The reality is that if you want something then you’re going to need to put in the work. If you go into something half halfheartedly then you will get half hearted results.

Give all of your focus and effort to a challenge. Only then can you truly say you tried. Don’t give up there, if that doesn’t work out use what you have learned and apply it to another challenge. Never waste an opportunity to adapt and improve yourself as a man.

The Power Of Hard Work And Why It Will Make You Successful

Success Takes Time

That youtuber you just heard of? He’s been grinding day after day  putting out quality content for 10 years straight. You have to be willing to be a nobody, living in obscurity for a long time.

The mere concept of putting in effort without immediate gratification turns off 99{3711378c469cb0b0f2923e21da067e748d3928633920f885cee3cbec769ee698} of people out there. Everyone wants to see immediate results in the bank account, mirror or with their relationships. You need to be willing to delay gratification for a long time, like a Grizzly Bear who is stockpiling food for hibernation in the winter.

5 minute ab routine and curl routines won’t cut it. They only make you comfortable with the little amount of effort you’re willing to put in.

Embrace Work

If you have never been exposed to real work before I can imagine how alien it may be. Our generation has been spoon fed and suffer from lack of male role models growing up. But if you choose to go back to you’re usual destructive habits after reading this then you are a part of the problem. You need to assume responsibility for your life choices.

The power of work cannot be underestimated. Many of the times it is the person who has worked at it for longer and with more intensity that will win out. Natural ability are massive factors in life but sometimes rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in is what’s needed. You should focus on what you can change, rather than what you can’t.

Hard work doesn’t mean slaving away doing something unproductive. It means working continuously until you find success, what many people are unwilling to do.

Begin by getting up after you read this and make a conscious decision to put in the work, however that may be. You will thank your self for it sooner rather than later.


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