How to Live Life like a Grizzly Bear and Destroy Your Doubts

The Grizzly bear is an animal often overlooked by people who instead take inspiration from more exotic beasts.

There is no reason why though.

Maybe they  still can’t get the cute and cuddly teddy bear connotation out of their head.

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Grizzly bears can take hibernation for 5-7 months of the year.

That’s a lot of down time, but it’s not just for any reason.

This  process is necessary for the Grizzly’s survival.

If it were to ignore the inclement weather, the Grizzly would surely die.

It would never stay alive long enough to see the birth of Spring.

To become what it is destined to be, the Grizzly must go through this journey every year.

In preparation, this bear can gain up to 400lbs to ensure it lives on through the Winter.

You too must go through a journey of sorts.

Unless you want to continue doing what everyone else is doing and keep talking the same shit to the same people.

You will keep wondering when life is going to change.

It isn’t going to change, unless you decide to commit to making it change.

What awaits for you on the other side is the summation of greatness.

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The Grizzly steps up it’s hunting game because it knows that it must.

It dedicates more hours in search of food for it’s self because it knows that death is imminent otherwise.

The Grizzly must dig a den to stay in over hibernation.

All of this must be completed before Winter.

You too must step up your will to act or else you will sink.

 Every great idea that lies within you will sink as well.

To prevent inertia you must act and then keep at it because an object in motion will tend to stay in motion.

The longer you wait to act, the harder it will be to begin.

But it’s  not impossible.

That’s why you need to act now

Unless there is some medical reason keeping you on the couch then you have no reason being there. 

You either act, or you face extinction, extinction from what you could of been.

The placard with your name engraved on it is never erected.

Your existence remains insignificant as you failed to give it any.

No one will ever see what is inside of you.

Somebody else wanted it more, they declared it theirs.

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The Grizzly decides that it is worth it because nature takes no prisoners.

It doesn’t care if you had a rough day and that you “just aren’t feeling it”.

When you give yourself the option to lose that is when you are open for attack and ultimately to failure.

When you take a hibernation away from distractions it is an investment in the future that not everyone is prepared to make.

It takes discipline to sacrifice the pleasures of the present for something more worthwhile in the future.

The problem is what we currently have in front of us is tangible compared to our true desires which may seem out of reach to some.

Sacrifice then, must come with a self belief in your quest. 

A great amount of discipline is necessary to enable this.

You must practice self-mastery every day in order to build your den in life.

The Grizzly does not venture into his preparation without full commitment and neither should you.

As the potential victor, you must begin fighting back  before it is too late.

Killer instincts are a necessity for the Grizzly as it seeks to assert it’s dominance over the woodlands.

It must remain calm even when all is changing around him.

You too must do the same in the face of adversity. 

Examples of hibernation tactics

Unlike a Bear you can spend your time improving your mental and physical faculties

  • Abstaining from alcohol or other drugs
  • Limiting social time like partying
  • Limiting time on enjoyable activities like video games
  • Practising meditation
  • Reflecting in a journal
  • Going on mini-pilgrimages to hiking destinations
  • Improving your fitness
  • Reading more
  • Getting more sleep for recovery

Once your time for hibernation is over and you feel ready to return, you may choose to go back to your previous ways.

Or you may have realised that you prefer your life the hibernation way.

Become the Grizzly Bear you were always destined to be.

Stay tuned for more.


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