How to Win 2018 – Reflection and Looking Forward

2018 is fast approaching as we say goodbye to 2017. 

If this year hasn’t went as well as you would have liked, fear not. Today we will be delving deep into how to win 2018 and make sure it isn’t a repeat.

This has been a good year for me in hindsight.

Some of the personal highlights: Rise and Claim was born. I took my physique and fitness to the next level. I made my first few dollars online and competed in my first BJJ tournament.

To some, these may seem less significant but to me they are huge achievements. They represent the eradication of doubts and questions which loomed over my head, until now.

This time last year is still vividly in my memory. Looking back, the year doesn’t seem long enough at all.

The reason being there was still much more waiting to be accomplished. The major stumbling block would be time but this is never going to change.

What can change is what we make of the time given to us (wait didn’t Gandalf say something akin to this?)

how to win 2018

Yes he did

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
“So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

I prefer to set myself hard-to-reach goals which bring out the best from within. Presented with an ultimatum, I am either forced to rise to the challenge or fail. Try it out for yourself.

Your goals should scare you in a way. Not to the degree in which you will be frightened into inaction. Instead, at the sheer potential you posses. Shoot for the stars and you may just land on the moon as they say.

Many successes doesn’t mean I haven’t had many setbacks however. There have been plenty – some self-inflicted and others out of my hands. It is important to learn from previous errors and put them right. 

Some injuries were picked up along the past twelve months. This taught me the importance of prehab and preventing mishaps before they occur. Doing so will often save you months later down the line.

During the penultimate quarter of this year I learned the value of patience. Results may not always come at the time when you want them. They may come sooner, but most likely later.

This doesn’t mean you should slow down but beware of demanding everything too soon.

Learn to enjoy the process and not just the end result. It is often the realization that progress is being made that spurs us on.

We have all experienced the anticlimax of achieving something we longed for. A short burst of dopamine and then what? Often normality returns swiftly without a moments notice.

With no journey upwards what good are the peaks? Without the valleys can we ever truly appreciate the beauty from above? They make it all the more sweet. 

As of recent I was chasing a 3 plate (140kg/315lbs) squat after time off. Things were going well but as the goal got closer, it became harder to progress.

The old me would have continued without paying attention to the fatigue build-up. The new me recognized progress was becoming more difficult and thus altered protocols in response.

Instead of increasing weight by 5lbs/2.5kg every workout I implemented a ‘light day’ mid-week. This consisted of 80{3711378c469cb0b0f2923e21da067e748d3928633920f885cee3cbec769ee698} of the weight lifted the previous workout.

Including a ‘light day’ allowed stress to dissipate while still actively squatting. Had I not of listened to my body, an injury was waiting for me no doubt.

How to Win the New Year

2017 isn’t the end though, it’s just the beginning. Looking forward, I wonder where I will be at the end of the following year.

The thoughts of a brighter future push me onwards. Undoubtedly there will be mistakes and tragedies along the way. These are a part of life from birth to death.

All we can do is focus on what we can control. This begins with us and spreads outwards from here.

We can choose to present ourselves to the world as best we can, or not. It has to be accepted that what we do with ourselves matters. It matters to us and to everyone we know.

If I know 1000 people and each one of them knows 1000 people, can you see how vast our reach can span? We have no idea the ripples we cause.

Standing tall makes ourselves a clear target for raining arrows. That is the consequence of stepping out from the crowd and a burden that must be worn. As we do so, it becomes easier for others to join us.

A tribe can be made and bonds can be formed in the process. Friendships forged from hardship are often the strongest of all. Being born out of treacherous conditions creates strength from the ground up.

Going it alone requires bravery for one to walk through the fire and continue to take the hits. Critics do not go light and nothing less should be expected.

Rest assured those that do watch will be with an attentive eye. Some for the hope of aspiration and others for the chance of extracting pleasure from failure. Regardless, you can be assured your rise or fall will be documented if deemed worthy.

Be someone deserving of legend. The person who is written into folklore becomes immortal. They live on through their actions which stand the test of time.

Entering the new year we should all be aiming to make it the best one yet. To continually try and beat your previous year is a tough challenge no doubt. But it is also one that will keep you occupied for the rest of your days.

Knowing how to win 2018 will set you up for a lifetime of success.

To better your younger self requires reflection on the past year. Take my earlier reflection as an example of this. Begin to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. What worked out well and what went wrong?

Be honest and treat yourself like you would a close relative whom you care about deeply. Being too lenient and relaxed will mean you will never pick up on mistakes and missed opportunities.

At the same time, being overly critical will mean you won’t celebrate the successes picked up along the way either. A healthy balance is required to evaluate how your year has fared.

The Problem with New Years Resolutions

The vast majority fail but why is this the case? Is it because most people are simply lazy? Did they ever have any intention of fulfilling it? Where they lying to themselves the entire time?

No one will ever know what goes on in the head of every individual making their new years resolutions. It is safe to assume that most do begin with good intentions only to face a setback, lose motivation and quickly revert to their old ways.

Motivation is fleeting and will not remain forever. That feeling you get from watching a Rocky video will gradually fade with time.

If there is nothing left to anchor you to your new habit, you will soon drift from one another. We all have good days and bad days. You need a repellent to ward off thoughts of lethargy on those bad days.

Rocky will not always be there to save the day. He will not be there when you’re invited to drinks but you should be working.

This is where our good friend discipline comes in.

Discipline is something Jocko Willink, a retired US Navy SEAL talks about constantly. Creating discipline in your life allows freedom to prosper.

Discipline is what will get you out of bed in the morning when everything else is telling you not to. Warmth and comfort fear a disciplined man who is unwavering in the face of adversity. Their temptation cannot overcome someone who is steadfast in their actions.

Discipline will help you to fulfil your duties each and every day. It removes the “but”, “how” and “why” and replaces it with only “yes” and “no”.

Many have trouble consistently going to the gym for example. Each day is a struggle to motivate themselves to get up and go. Maybe some days they do it and some they do not, depending on how they are feeling. Had this person discipline, they would be going to the gym regardless of how they are feeling.

Important point to mention: There should be a distinction made between changes in mood day-to-day and significant life stressors. If you have just welcomed a newborn child into the family and are suffering from the flu, you can be excused from the gym. However, if you had a bad day at work and your favorite TV show is on, this is not a valid excuse. I hope this distinction is clear, if not let me know.

The disciplined man will have no problem returning to the gym after a lay-off. Someone who has not built up that discipline over countless repetitions will struggle returning so easily.

Build up a base of discipline before testing yourself.

Discipline is like a muscle, the more it is worked, the stronger it gets. This takes both time and patience. Hoping for the self-control of a Buddhist Monk within a week, will leave you disappointed.

If you have had trouble with routine and organization in the past, begin with small actions. These will build brick by brick to create a walled fortress around you. This will serve to protect and defend in the darkest of hours.

Start by making your bed every morning, read 10 pages of a book and exercise every day. Begin waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day.

Do these tasks daily and after a while they will be like second nature. You may no longer have to force yourself to do them. Now you may simply do them without thinking or even begin to enjoy them.

Whether you extract enjoyment out of these powerful habits in the beginning isn’t as important. The benefits they bring far outweigh any negative feelings. The hope will be when you start seeing results from these actions, enjoyment will come.

For now, practice these important habits and trust the process. When you begin to witness your body change over time, enjoyment will come. When you apply read principles to your life successfully, it will be worth it.

If there are goals you want to achieve in the new year – write them down. Ensure to write them as clearly and specifically as possible.

Stating “I want to earn $2000 a month by next December selling sports merchandise” is far better than saying “I want to make more money”. One has a what, when and how. The other has none of them, only vagueness.

Place your written statement somewhere that will be visible every day. Each day ask yourself “what can I do to move towards my goal today?” Once you know the answer, the only thing remaining is taking action.

The internet is a strange but wide and wonderful place. There are experts in every field at your fingertips. Find them and make this year the best one yet, goodluck.

Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

P.S Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think.

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  1. Isaya January 1, 2018 at 10:08 am - Reply

    This is definitely motivational information for the new year. Let’s start things off right by creating a positive, optimistic goals for the end of 2018.
    Build your discipline in 2018! Great idea.

    Love it

    • Peter January 1, 2018 at 2:25 pm - Reply

      Thanks for commenting Isaya. Goodluck for 2018.

  2. Sarah December 31, 2017 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    Great article, great information and well written. Whole article is superb and everyone should read it but my most favourite point is to set hard to reach goals in 2018, I think by doing so we keep ourselves motivated. Great advice and keep up the good work.

    • Peter January 1, 2018 at 1:53 am - Reply

      Thanks for commenting Sarah. This will put you in the perfect frame of mind to smash 2018.

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