How to Build Huge Traps: 2 Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing

This post on how to build huge traps was inspired by my current circumstances.

I am currently at a gym with no free barbells (is it even a gym?).

Time away from the big movements has actually made me appreciate them that much more.

I miss putting my traps under heavy loads.

It is only for a month however so not to worry.

Things will be back to normal soon enough.

Here is 7 reasons why you should go to the gym.



Traps traps traps

Want to look like Traptain America, our most beloved superhero?

The trapezius muscles are a set of of two large muscles situated on the upper back.

The words comes from trapezium as they look like a four sided diamond.

Bet you didn’t think you ‘would get a geometry lesson today, did you?

When I first saw the whole trap muscle I was surprised at just how far it ran down the back.

They aren’t just the part you see in the mirror.

We are only able to see the top portion mainly.

Some train traps along with their shoulders and some along with their back.

We can argue all day long about which is the correct route to go down but it really doesn’t matter a whole lot.

What matters is that you are working your traps with enough workload throughout the week so that they grow.

That is how you build huge traps.



The trap paradox

Not everyone wants to have traps so big that they look like a cobra, I don’t personally.

But a common trap (get it?) to fall into is to not train them at all.

The result is a pair of underdeveloped traps that look timid and weak.

Traps along with shoulders, have the highest number of androgen receptors in the body.

That means they respond very well to anabolic steroids.

A lot of people you see with huge traps may not be natural which is important to take into account.

So if you are afraid of becoming an oversized cobra, then fear not.

Your concerns are probably not valid.

Unless you train and eat like a strong man competitor you will not look like one.

Having traps which are too big in proportion to the shoulders can ruin a physique if your goal is the ‘classic bodybuilder look’.

As shoulder width is so important here, traps can overshadow the shoulders and make them appear tiny.

Activating the trap muscles is not going to cause them to blow up.

There is a middle ground.

One where you can develop perfectly sculpted traps.

And still have a neck.

If you want to know how to build huge traps then stay put.

“What happens if my traps ever get too big?”

There is no need to freak out.

All you have to do is cut back on your training frequency and volume.

In short, just stop training them as much.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop doing key exercises like the overhead press and bent over rows.

Just cut out the trap specific movements you were doing.

That is all, carry on.

how to build huge traps

This won’t happen overnight

Unlike the mythical inside chest there is a difference between the upper and lower traps.

Specific exercises are needed to target each individually. 

Here is the first exercise that will help you build huge traps:



Power shrugs are key if you want to know how to build huge traps

This is an exercise which targets the upper traps.

Traps are a very strong muscle group, do not be deceived.

They keep your arms attached to your body.

What this means is that they can handle heavy-ass weight.

Shrugs have such a short range of motion and therefore give a low time under tension.

To counteract this we will need something extra…

Introducing the power shrug (cheat shrugs).

These are the answer to the question of how to build huge traps.

Power shrugs are a great alternative to regular controlled shrugs if you aren’t getting any results with them.

It allows you to use much more weight.

The stretch at the bottom and the hold at the top will do phenomenal things to your trap development.

You have been warned.

Use this information carefully.

Here is AlphaDestiny explaining how how to get huge traps:

It is common that the grip will give out before the traps do.

This isn’t what we want if we are trying to grow our traps.

If it is necessary, lifting straps can be used.

Generally though, straps should be avoided when possible.

Grip strength needs to be trained and by using straps you are not doing that.

Shrugs unlike many others are actually safe to do on a smith machine.



Face pulls 

Face pulls are a fantastic exercise to target the lower traps.

Not only that but they are amazing for shoulder health as well.

They work the rotator cuffs which are often weak in many people.

The rear delts are also worked which helps to balance out shoulder issues from too much pressing.

Face pulls can be performed to maximise rear delt or trap activation but either way you will still activate both.

On top of this your posture will be improved.

Not bad eh?

Face pulls could be the missing piece of the puzzle if you are looking for how to build huge traps.

Here is how it is done:

Even if you don’t want to build huge traps I believe everyone should be doing facepulls.

They are an amazing prehab exercise.

Why not prevent injuries before they happen?

For prehab purposes face pulls should be performed with light weight and with proper external rotation.

When it comes to training them for the purposes of growing the traps, more weight can be used.

If you wanted to know how to build huge traps or just impressive traps then these two exercises will set you on the path to victory. 



Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

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