How to Build Bigger Triceps

The triceps are a 3 headed muscle on the back of your arm. Unlike Medusa they won’t turn you to stone by looking at them.

If you want to know how to build bigger triceps you have come to the right place.

Triceps are often neglected by gym bros who prefer to give all their attention to the biceps. Mainly because biceps are on the front of their body and they can see them.

What they don’t know about the triceps is they take up two thirds of the arm. The biceps are actually a small muscle with less potential for growth in comparison.

If you have dreams of getting huge arms one day you better start training your triceps. There is a difference between training a muscle and training a muscle properly.

One way will leave you frustrated and the other will leave you primed for growth.

Today I will show you how to build bigger triceps the right way.


Additional Benefits to Growing Big Triceps

Increase strength on pressing movements

Growing thick, strong triceps will make your pressing much better. I am talking about the bench press and over head press which are two of my favorite exercises.

The triceps are involved throughout the movement but are key during the lockout portion.

If you are having difficulty locking out the weight at the end of the rep, stronger triceps will fix this.

Having larger triceps will make you appear wider from behind.

A well-developed long head of the triceps will force your arms out naturally.

This will give you a broader appearance from behind and make your shoulders look even wider. Not bad right?


Three Heads of the Triceps

The long head (or inner head) is positioned at the back of the arm. It is the largest of the three heads.

The medial head (or middle head) is positioned along the mid-portion of the triceps. It is hard to see as it is stationed deep inside the arm. It is the 2nd largest head

The lateral head (or outer head) is located on the outside of the arm. This head gives the horse shoe shape which is a highly desired look. It is the smallest head.


The Two Best Exercises for Triceps Development

Generally the exercise in which the most weight can be used will be the most effective for a muscle. Large amounts of weight can be used in these two triceps builders.

These are two essential exercises if you want to know how to build bigger triceps. They target all the heads of the triceps effectively.


To target the triceps dips should be performed close grip. Try to keep your body as upright as possible. The more you lean forward the more the chest will take over.


Close Grip Bench Press

Doing both the dip and close grip bench press will be great strength builders. A lot of weight can be built up on these exercises to create huge triceps.


How to Build Bigger Triceps – the Proven Method

Training triceps for size and strength can’t just be done haphazardly. It needs done in a manner which is proven time and time again to produce results.

If you are reading this post then I assume you putting meat on your triceps is a priority. In that case additional isolation exercises are necessary.

With our knowledge of each head of the triceps we can build huge triceps no problem.

The secret (it’s not so secret anymore) is to train the long head first.

Next you should train the medial head and finally the lateral head.

By doing so you will be training the largest head first all the way down to the smallest.

Training your triceps in this manner allows you to put most of your efforts into the main head which is responsible for size.

The long head has the most potential for growth so it would make sense to prioritize it. This will allow you to get the most growth possible out of your triceps.

Targeting the long head will also stimulate the other two heads as well. The carry over means all heads will be growing with this style of training.

All the exercises outlined should be done on top of your regular pressing work such as the bench and overhead press already mentioned.

If you have lagging triceps and feel they need to be brought up you can target each head specifically. Here are some of the best movements for each.

Long Head Specific Exercises

Exercises effectively targeting the long head will be over-head movements. The long head is stretched when your arm is overhead.

Overhead extensions

Medial Head Specific Exercises

Reverse grip pushdowns

Lateral Head Specific Exercises

Kick backs

Perform these triceps exercises in the 8-12 rep range.

Select one exercise from each category. If growing bigger triceps aren’t your top priority you can leave out the medial head if time is an issue.

To maximize your triceps growth frequency is key. Hit your triceps twice a week and you will notice a difference soon after.

This was “How to Build Bigger Triceps”. Everything you need to pack on size is here.

All you need to do is utilize it.


Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

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