7 Ways to Make Decisions Easier & Stop Wasting Time

1 Limit your choices

Often times it is the sheer number of choices that causes us confusion. It ultimately slow us down to a stand-still. This phenomena is displayed in the chocolate bar isle.

Not that you should be familiar with this isle. But if you have ever been in need of a pick-me-up preworkout then you’ll know what I mean. The sheer number of bars to choose from paralyzes us into inaction. We wonder what will be the best choice for us.

In reality we are doomed from the get-go.

With so many options at our disposal the chances of us regretting our decision are dramatically raised. More often than not the decision will come down to two or three at the most. There is no point in wasting time concerning ourselves with options that stand no chance of being selected. They clutter up our thinking process and cloud our judgement.

Human psychology says that human beings can be less satisfied when presented with a multitude of choices.

We are much happier when limited to a select few. Social media sharing is a great example.

Too many social media sharing buttons makes your site less social

One would think having so many options is always a net positive. It can seriously hamper our ability to decide. Sometimes more is less. With knowledge of this phenomena at our disposal, we should use it to our advantage.

The virtues of capitalism is that we have so many decisions at our disposal. Let us not forget that we also have the choice to limit our options at well.

Limit your choices to make decisions easier.

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2 Draw a line between good and bad choices

‘How do I know what choices are good and bad”? Self-knowledge. You have to know yourself.

This comes from experience and reflection. To do this you have to be aware of your past and future-self too. If we constantly make fleeting choices based on what our immediate impulses tell us then a lot of us would be fat, in prison, and with STDs.

We must have empathy for our future selves. Where do we want to be in 5 or 10 years? When we have a clear picture in our head of this then making decisions becomes easier. Figure out how to get there one step at a time.

Our attention and focus can be directed towards attaining goals to create our ideal future. Maybe nobody knows what your ideal is but you. That’s fine. As long as you’re aware then that’s all that matters.

Learning the importance of optimism is key.

The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour. Our past experiences have influenced us to the very core. If you grew up in a family of alcoholics then we should avoid alcohol at all costs. There may be even less of an excuse to be an addict than the average person.

You have seen what alcohol can do up close.

3 Think of your time as money

Begin to value how you spend each minute. If you are somebody who is on an hourly salary then use this as a reference. Did you just waste an hour trying to decide whether to go to the store? That’s 20 bucks gone if you’re on 20$/hr.

Every minute you spend over-analyzing decisions is money down the drain. Your wallet is getting lighter. That time wasted will have to be made up at some point. Or maybe it will never be gained back. Either way it is an opportunity lost

Are you not getting paid at the moment? That is time that could be spent looking for work or creating value. Think of what you would like to earn in the future. Imagine that is what it is costing you when you waste time. Any better?

Every moment you waste on decisions is one moment that isn’t being put towards something productive. Whether it be reading, exercising or working out. Anything is better than meaningless time wasting. There are some decisions that require more time and attention than others.

Be aware of these and direct your energy towards them.

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4 Listen to your gut feeling

Our gut is known as the second brain for a reason. Those who ignore their gut feeling do so at their own peril. Some may shrug it off with sounds of “What would it know?” Those people are fools.

Our gut or intuition is far older than we are. That “gut feeling” has been developed and refined over millennium. It has evolved to save us from all sorts of predators as we crawled out of the swamps and started to make fire.

Our unconscious isn’t blinded by defensive mechanisms like our conscious mind is. It tells us the truth. With that we should listen to it.

Our thoughts precede our feelings. We can find out a lot about ourselves by understanding where our feelings come from.

Then we can find out the truth about our decisions.

5 Decisiveness grows

Like any muscle, the more you use it the bigger and better you will become at making decisions. With that said, start exercising it. Over time with work, you will become a decision-making-machine.

CEOs of fortune 500 companies didn’t just wake up with the power to make multi-million dollar decisions. Of course they will be naturally gifted in some regards. But without the work to supplement the talent then it’s useless.

Before these CEOs began making big-money decisions while overseeing thousands of employees, they had to make lots and lots of small decisions to lead up to that.

Setting small goals: How you can achieve big results.

While we are on the muscle metaphor… Any muscle that isn’t worked will atrophy (waste away) and weaken. The same can be said with your decisiveness.

By continuing to make independent decisions, you are guaranteeing that your ability to make decisions never falters. Ensure that you don’t get complacent. Even if you do become successful beyond your wildest dreams. You should still have some sort of say in decisions which may affect you.

Some more important decisions may require the advice of others. Nothing to be ashamed of. When seeking guidance, go to those who know what they are talking about. Don’t go to a fat person seeking fitness advice (unless they were once a prime athlete in their day)

Learn from the best.If you don’t know any people at the top of their game then find them. We have the internet after all. Seek them out on what ever forum or feed they lie in. Most people have no idea what they are talking ab0ut.

When you do find those who you trust, hold onto them.

6 Indecision will kill you

It is the mark of a man to be able to make a decision and stick by it. Through thick and thin. Not making a decision is still a decision.

Time is still ticking away. People will not wait around forever. If every decision brings you to a halt then you will not get very far. The true potential you are capable of will never be known.

Your flow state will be interrupted at every turn. Nobody likes the person who can never make their mind up. By following through with a decision you’re responsibility will grow. The ability to take on larger tasks will grow with it.

It is vital that you make decisions and follow through with them.

Why Consistency Will Win and How You Can Use It to Achieve Success

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7 You are going to die

Four words which should change your thinking.

Stop wasting time on trivial matters.

Constantly second guessing yourself at every turn is no way to live your life.

With this piece of key information, there should be no more “but what if’s”. Instead, there should be more “What can I do to improve myself today?” With that thinking, the possibilities of what you are capable of is up to you.

Go out, make decisions and stop wasting time.

Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

P.S Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think. Do you have you any other ways to make getting things done easier?



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  4. Philip Braselmann July 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    I haven’t read something like this before, good job Peter!
    Everytime I didn’t listen to my gut and reasoned with my brain instead I got bad results.
    I now listen to my gut much more than before, it gives you hints…

    • Peter July 22, 2017 at 5:11 am - Reply

      Thanks Philip!

      Yeah it it something different which I enjoyed creating for my readers. You are absolutely right about listening to your gut. It is still something I need to keep working at to improve. Our gut knows what is going on sometimes before we even realise it.

      Glad you like it!

  5. Jordan July 20, 2017 at 11:32 am - Reply

    One of my favorite tips is to say “no” more often. If you’re a people pleaser you won’t make any time for yourself. Like you said, you’ll have too many options to choose from and this’ll kill your time.

    • Peter July 20, 2017 at 3:17 pm - Reply

      Thanks for the comment Jordan, much appreciated! Just checking out your website now man, good stuff.

      That’s an excellent point that is deserving of making the list. Saying yes to everyone will wear you down like few others will.

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