How to improve your ‘other’ hand

The vast majority of people have one favoured hand that they do almost everything with. If you start improving your other hand then you can start to improve yourself

People can be extremely stubborn and hate to change behaviour ingrained in them from childhood.  There have been countless times when I’ve been rushing  to write an essay in an exam only for my hand to cramp up. That’s when I wished I could write with my left hand, it would have saved me so much bother.  I then set out to improve  my non-dominant (other) hand and so should you.

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Start practising to write with your other hand


Practice with your ‘other’ hand to improve it

To begin improving the ability of your non-dominant hand, start by using it to it to carry out every day menial tasks. Of course you can’t start playing the piano but tooth-brushing, using your phone or even drinking coffee can be started immediately by everyone. If you’re up for a challenge try whisking eggs and not making a mess.

Begin introducing unilateral arm work to build up the weak muscles of the arm. You don’t have to get rid of them completely but bilateral exercises will cause your ‘strong arm’ to dominate. Grip trainers are especially effective if you’re trying to improve the strength of your non-dominant hand. Whatever exercise it is, the principle of progressive overload still applies, keep increasing the weight and volume sensibly.

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Get your ‘other’ arm up to speed

It takes time

Initially this will feel just plain weird as you try to engage motor patterns that you never have never stimulated before. Stick with it and eventually things will start to improve. Our hands are connected to our brains. If you’re only using one hand that means you are missing out on potential brain stimulation. When we use our non-dominant hand, both hemispheres of our brain our activated as opposed to one. You’re creativity and capacity to problem solve will begin to improve no matter what hand your strongest in to begin with.

“By its design, our right mind is spontaneous, carefree and imaginative. It allows our creative juices to flow free without inhibition,” according to Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., a neuroanatomist with the Indiana University School of Medicine. “If creativity is located in your non-dominant hemisphere, then using your non-dominant hand may stimulate those cells,”

The ability to be comfortable using both hands could save you a lot of trouble in the future. Imagine you break your good hand and you can’t operate the machinery at your work or write up a report, this could threaten your livelihood. If you start training both of your hands you will be glad of it should anything unfortunate ever happen.

Be sensible

As always don’t start driving the car with your ‘other’ hand straight away. Also, don’t completely neglect your strong hand as this can have negative effects too. However, by becoming more familiar with your non-dominant hand you will benefit greatly.

When you become proficient in using both of your hands you will become more confident in life.

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