How You Can Make Getting Things Done Easier

Getting things done can be a struggle when you don’t know what to do.

Do you ever feel overburdened with the amount of tasks you have to do sometimes?

It’s that feeling when you have got so many things to get done.

And you just don’t know where to begin.

This can be problem for many.

It was for me.

We tend to spend so much time deciding on what we should be doing.

This leads to over analysing situations from every angle.

We assume this will help us to decide which is the best route to go down.

“Well if I do A first then B will work out better but C, not so much”

“If i do C first then A will work out better but B, not so much”

Ultimately getting things done becomes impossible.

Sound familiar?

I used to be guilty of this habit.

I would spend so much time deciding on the ‘right’ thing to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fall into this trap occasionally.

But I’m much better at getting things done now.


Limbo is a dangerous place

This is when we aren’t achieving anything

Stagnation sets in.

We don’t know what direction to go in.

Getting stuck in ‘limbo’ causes you to become much more unproductive.

It’s actually hurting your success.

Now, there are times when thinking things through long and hard is a good thing.

Deciding on marriage, buying or renting property.

Those kinds of decisions.

It’s not necessary a lot of the time though.

We tend to make it much harder than it needs to be.

There really isn’t a need to overthink these things when you know why¬†you’re doing them.


Freedomainradio has helped me tremendously

I was woke up to this idea by Mike De Marco from the Freedomainradio podcast.

While walking home from the gym, I was listening to the podcast (as I always do).

Mike, the head of operations , was speaking to a caller.

They were talking about the caller’s ambitions.

The advice Mike had was (while paraphrasing) “What is your number one priority at the moment? Figure that out and work towards it everyday.”

Once I heard that it changed me.

You may be thinking “Isn’t that obvious?”

And you would be right.

But to hear it put so coherently in a conversation made it clear to me.

Now ask yourself that question.

It may take you some time.

But you should come up with something that brings you a great sense of drive.

Once you know what your number one priority is, everything else becomes easier.

When you know this, you can work back from there.

Everything can be based off of that answer.

How You Can Make Getting Things Done Easier

It’s all about balance

You don’t necessarily have to work directly on it 24/7.

But you should always keep the bigger picture in the back of your mind.

Overworking yourself could actually do more damage than good.

You need to rest and unwind too.

This will allow you to refocus and let your mind process the information.

Your subconscious will be working on it in the background even though you will not be physically.

Doing this could be what you need to do to allow yourself to work towards your main priority.

It all depends on your current situation.

Eating healthy, exercising and proper sleep are all essential.

Doing these things right mean you are in the best shape to work on your number one priority.

How You Can Make Getting Things Done Easier

Getting things done requires management

Just because you have your number one priority, doesn’t mean you can’t also dedicate your time to other things.

If you can handle more workload then go for it.

However, some work better when they focus their attention on a single task.

Whenever you ever find yourself losing momentum, just think back to what I asked you to think of before.

That’s what you should be dedicating most of your efforts to.

Use this to fight inaction.

You will no longer have to spend an hour deciding on what to do in the mornings.

Now you know what your number one priority is, the decision is easy.

When you stop sitting on the sidelines you can finally take action.

Work towards your number one priority every day.

See how far you come.

Getting things done just got a whole lot easier.


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