External Forces Impact Internal Forces – Do You Know How?

Recently I have had the pleasure of reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”. Anyone who has read it I’m sure will agree how great it is. One thing it teaches is how external forces impact our internal forces.

Those who made it the whole way through will also attest to the verbosity with which Nietzsche writes. One can only imagine the joy, or strain of trying to hold a conversation with the man.

Attempting to write after “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” proved an interesting task. I wasn’t writing in my usual manner as before. It turns out I was instilled with the spirit of the book.

The pages had me writing like a quasi-Zarathustra character, one who had travelled forward in time a few years. Now, I am certainly not comparing myself to the great Nietzsche, but it was enjoyable to think in the same stratosphere as him (if I even got that close).

I suppose in a way, anyone who has read his work may receive some of the gifts he bestowed upon the world. Understanding what those gifts are exactly is a whole other challenge altogether.

I decided to offer my metaphysical write-up to Timo over at Axtschmiede as a guest post. Thankfully he gladly accepted it and you can now read it here.

The post is titled “How to Overcome a Fear of Thunder and Lightning”, make sure to read it and let me know what you think, all feedback is appreciated.

Loving Thyself

Writing this guest post made me realise just how much influence what we expose ourselves to has over us. Every day we are constantly making decisions that shape us into who we are.

Of course there are major segments of our being that cannot be changed. Large parts of our personality are genetic and are unable to be altered.

However the part of us that is heavily influenced by external forces needs to be cared for. Like you would a loved one, you must love yourself.

Loving yourself means taking charge of your life and all that comes with it. Everything that enters your vicinity needs to be scanned for potential danger.

If you were taking care of a newborn you wouldn’t let anyone get close enough to harm him/her. A wise farmer wouldn’t let the fox into the chicken’s coop without a fight. 

In this instance it was a positive outcome but imagine if it wasn’t. The harm we can do to ourselves is often self-afflicted.

We unknowingly let enemies through the gates. In that regard we are vulnerable, beware of the Trojan horse. The media is filled with toxic messages ready to infect the minds of impressionable young people.

Everywhere you turn, there is someone telling you what to do. Most often times, it is the wrong message altogether. Listen to them long enough and soon you may find yourself doing what they command. This is the power of exposure. 

Realize that we are susceptible to what and who we surround ourselves with. Maintain a bad company and your chances of success are lowered. There is less opportunity for good advice to be given and more opportunity for mistakes to be made.

Why put yourself in this position? This is unnecessary hardship and you are making the road much longer as well. Instead, surround yourself with winners and those with a positive mindset. These individuals will lift you up and help you excel in life.

If a person had a friend who became obese over a period of time, their chances of becoming obese were raised by 57{3711378c469cb0b0f2923e21da067e748d3928633920f885cee3cbec769ee698}. Now this doesn’t mean you should dump all your fat friends. The study was not designed to show a causal link. It does however, mean you should be aware of the social, environmental and behavioural factors which go into relationships.

external forces impact internal forces

The Acorn and the Oak

We are a lot like a small acorn. Give it the proper nutrition, water and sunlight and it will grow into a mighty oak. However starve it of nourishment and it won’t see the light of day. Supply it with the wrong energy and it will grow shunted, never reaching the true heights of it’s potential. The oak understood just how much external forces impact internal forces. The oak that never was, unfortunately did not.

Everyone needs relaxation time. The choice of how to spend this time can often make or break a man. On one side you have someone who spends their relaxation time watching Netflix. On the other side, there is someone who spends it reading good books. Over time this will lead to an astronomical difference in development.

One stifles while the other facilitates growth. Relaxation time is precious, treat it as such.

We are extremely susceptible to the environment we place ourselves in. The effects of a clean room go far beyond mere niceties. There can be real and verifiable improvements in mood with a clean room.

A messy and unorganized room signifies a messy and unorganized life. It is a representation of it’s inhabitants. Each item out of place indicates something which was started but not finished. It highlights what level of respect one has for their own living quarters.

The food we put into our body is our choice and ours alone. Once you become old enough to make the decision yourself there can be no more excuses.

Eat Taco Bell all the time and you can expect to look something similar to their average customer. Treat your diet like you would any other important task. Maintain a schedule to properly track what is going into your body. 

It is said doing drugs is a multi-headed dragon. It isn’t simply just the drugs that are the only problem. While of course bad, it is also the company you keep. The social circles one may find themselves in may be just as toxic as the drugs. It is unlikely they are built on any shared values.

The only thing keeping them together is the shared intoxication. Take this away and it will all fall apart.

Beware of getting trapped in an echo chamber. It is easy to slip into a realm where everyone thinks exactly the same and nobody questions one another. This is not a good place to be either.

We should always be testing our ideas and arguments against those with differing viewpoints. It is only here we can know whether our beliefs will hold up to the storm.

There must be those around who are willing to stand up and question you. If everyone is submissive and merely yes-men, then how can one know what they are doing is right? It is impossible unless someone is keeping them in check.

Become aware of what you are exposing yourself to. Understand everything is having an effect on us. It is our decision what we let in and how we react to it. Set high standards, this way anything sub-par will be glaringly obvious. 

Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

P.S If you are interested in reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra, check it out here:


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