How to Prevent the Regrets of Death by Living

Here is a little bit of knowledge for you about death.

You’re going to die.

Yes you are, we all are one day.

It may be many years from now but your time is ticking.

This may come as a shock to you considering the lifestyle that many lead.

Every day you choose to waste is another day you’re never going to get back.

Every day that hooded figure of death with scythe in hand creeps closer and closer to you.

Now that you know your time here on this plane of existence is limited, what are you going to do about it?

Once you appreciate that you are going to die it is a truly liberating experience.  The remaining apathy that I had left inside of me vanished. What seemed like valid excuses to me before, now seemed laughable. Death is inevitable but what you do until then is entirely up to you.

You can choose to live a sheltered life and pretend like everything is fine. But that call is coming some day, that is a guarantee.

The live fast die young-YOLO lifestyle glamorised by Hollywood and friends is self destructive crap. A life full of partying, drugs, sleeping in, a crappy diet and no self knowledge will lead to an unfulfilled life with no substance.

And what a waste that would be. . The chances of you being born were 400 trillion to one. That means that you should be grateful for every extra day that you get to spend living. We’ve seen generations of kids lives thrown to the kerb by telling them that nothing matters except their immediate gratification. This kind of relativism is an extremely dangerous drug to the right person.

How To Prevent The Regrets Of Death By Living

Go To A Retirement Home

Go to a retirement home, talk to a man and ask him about his regrets in life. Really listen to him and understand the reasoning behind it. You will begin to see that it is here that he has come to some of these realisations. It is here where he has come to rest and contemplate his life. When you see that regret in a mans eyes you will know it. He is close to deaths door and there is nothing he can do about it.

The most difficult aspect is that he can’t do anything about it. He can’t wake up tomorrow and try again to chase his dreams and build something bigger than himself. He must live with his decisions, and that in itself is a part of life. You should be leaving that retirement home with fire in your eyes.

He can’t tell that person how he really felt. He can’t start up that business with the idea he always thought about. He can’t move to that location he always talked about. This man can’t do these things because the opportunities have passed him by. They are gone.

But you are not in this situation yet. You still have a finite amount of time to change your atmospheric course so that you don’t crash land, but gracefully carry on towards the stars. You still have time to change your course of history. How do you want to be remembered?

Don’t Get Hung Up On the Past

Whatever has happened has happened, you cannot change it. You should certainly learn from your past errors so that you don’t make the same mistake again. But living life constantly thinking about your previous decisions will be at the detriment of your current and future self.

Living life in the past will undoubtedly lead to regrets on your death bed. Learn to accept the past and appreciate the freedom to start anew.

This Is Your Battle

Whatever your current situation is it can improve. It will take the will of yourself and yourself alone to change it. Realise this – no one is coming to save you. This is your battle and  ultimately the sword must be taken up by you and you alone.

Begin by building your human capital and wealth. Not just in monetary terms but in life experiences and skills too. Take a calculated chance on something to build your confidence and courage up. If you have an opportunity to travel and see the world then do. But realise that there is more to life than getting wasted in Thailand.

Wake up every morning thankful that you have another day to improve yourself and your situation.  Build strong relationships with people you admire and share interests in. Leave the toxic ones that only serve to drain your of your passion for life.

Give back to help those who helped you and others that need it. Don’t let your talents go to waste. Use them to benefit yourself and the world.

Do not fear death but fear a life unlived.

Whatever your mountain is that  you need to climb make sure you start today.


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