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Podcasts are a huge medium to distribute content through at the moment which is why I have created this list of the best podcasts for men. This is due to their ease of access and the ability to listen from anywhere. 

People (me included) are always ‘on the go’. We are constantly trying to make the best use of our time.

This means any menial or monotonous task can be turned into a productive learning experience. Whether it be cooking, cleaning or driving – listening to a podcast while doing activities such as these can make it an extremely effective use of time.

We are finding less and less time to sit down and watch a video. We are becoming more selective as a people and as our standards have raised, so has the quality of content available to listen to.

Before anyone mentions it – yes I am sure there are many other great podcasts out there that I haven’t mentioned.  There are thousands of podcasts and I am only one man.

This is simply the best podcasts I have listened to. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments. I am always eager to listen to more high quality and informative content.

With this post I wanted to give exposure to some podcasts I have been getting value out of. It is only fair to spread the good word.

I have also attached their twitter handles if you want to get in touch with them or follow their work. 


The Best Podcasts for Men

Joe Rogan – The Joe Rogan Experience

This is the biggest and most popular podcast on the planet and with good reason. Joe Rogan leaves no subject off limits as he aims to talk to the most influential and entertaining people on the planet.

Joe Rogan often does 3 hour podcasts, so it is great if you are in need of some fresh content for a road trip. With such a vast range of guests there is something for every man on The Joe Rogan experience.

Here is Joe Rogan speaking with Jordan Peterson, another amazing mind:

Twitter: @joerogan


Alexander Cortes – The Art of Health

The main topic of this podcast is – you guessed it, health. Alexander Cortes ensures to cover many bases under the health umbrella however. This includes exercise, nutrition and mindset/mental health.

Cortes has almost a decade of training clients under his belt and he uses this to great effect in distributing knowledge.

What I especially like about this podcast is Alexander’s ability to take a subject and break it down into it’s essential components. He then presents it to the listener in an easily understandable manner.

Alexander states Discipline is Proactive Laziness. In this podcast he explains how most view discipline in a skewed manner. It is not about being overworked and stressed 24/7. It is about structuring your time appropriately.

Listen here:

Twitter: @AJA_Cortes 


Craig James – Masculine by Design

Masculinity is in danger of being uprooted in our modern world. Craig James of Masculine by Design is leading the counter attack on those that threaten it. As the host, he continually has great guests on from a wide range of different backgrounds.

All of this is in vain unless the host knows how to talk and ask the right questions. Craig certainly does and he gets the best out of his guests as a result.

The podcast episode I will be sharing with you today is titled “How to Be a Good Father in Modern Times” with guest Neil M White of This Dad Does, who I am also a fan of.

Listen here:

Twitter: @MasculineDesign 


Stefan Molyenux – Freedomain Radio

This is a podcast I owe a lot to for helping to make me into the man I am today. Freedomain Radio is primarily a philosophy podcast but there is no subject Stefan will not touch.

His content is broken up between informative lectures, talks with guests and The Call In Show in which listeners can call in with any question they have. Much of these questions venture into personal development and self-knowledge.

These are often extremely insightful and can teach you a lot about the workings of the human psyche. Hearing the stories of the callers has given me an appreciation for the depth of meaning that we are all capable of.

Listen here for a wonderful discussion on The Lord of the Rings – Real World Parallels:

Twitter: @StefanMolyneux


Kyle Trouble – Nomad & Nerdy

Kyle takes his own unique spin on travel and internet business with this podcast. These last on average less than 20 minutes which is fantastic if you are pressed for time.

In this short time frame Kyle Trouble manages to give the must-know information on a topic to the listener. This ranges from email marketing to must-have items for long trips.

This is something not a lot of people talk about – The Bitcoin mindset. Delve into it here:

Twitter: @KyleTrouble 


Cam F Awesome & Ed Latimore – Awesome Talks

Awesome Talks is hosted by two men with a deep experience of boxing life. The tone of the podcast is relaxed and often humorous.

This doesn’t take away from the meaning behind their conversations however. Cam F Awesome and Ed Latimore speak with wisdom from the heart as they discuss events in their lives, both inside and outside the ring.

Listen here as they discuss Vices and Addictions:

Twitter@CamFAwesome @EdLatimore


Each of these podcasts was created by men who live and breathe what they do. This makes them highly knowledgeable and perfectly deserving of a spot on the best podcasts for men list. I hope you will give them a listen and if you like their work, continue to follow them.


Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

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