Best Dip Belt in Class – The Kino Belt Review

Rise and Claim is all about pushing yourself to the limit of what is possible. The training philosophy revolves around a core set of key movements. The best dip belt I have found fits in perfectly with this.

These key movements facilitate the creation of a powerful physique which looks good as well. For those of us who want the most out of life the gym is a great way to get there.

Going to the gym is not enough. Once there the focus should be on only the highest quality exercises. Up at the top of the pile are the pull up and dip.

These two exercises will result in incredible muscle growth all over the upper body when done right. I have talked about them extensively before on Rise and Claim.

Who the Kino Belt Is For

The pull up is the king of exercises for back width. It targets the lats like no other.

Mastering the pull up will give you the highly desired V-taper. A wide back will also make your waist appear narrower.

What isn’t to love?

The dip is equal in sheer effectiveness. It is to the pushing muscles what the pull up is to the pulling muscles.

Getting strong as hell on the dip will build up your triceps, shoulders and chest phenomenally. If you are a fan of the bench press I would recommend you give the dip a go for a new challenge.

Building up these muscles is essential to attaining a great looking physique. As long as you do the dip safely there is no problem.

The benefits are awesome. I’m sure you will agree.

There is only one problem.

Most people are short changing themselves.

There is only so much muscle and strength that can be built using only body weight.

To truly maximize the potential from these two movements weight must be added. The rewards are well worth it.

As you begin to add weight to your pull up and dip you will see your body begin to transform.


Introducing The Best Dip Belt and Pull Up Belt – the Kino Belt

I have tried out my fair share of dip belts since I began training. Most gyms don’t even have one.

The gyms that do have a belt aren’t much better. If you are lucky your gym may have one to be shared with the whole room.

Half of the time it is being used by someone else.  When you finally get to use it the experience usually isn’t great.

This can be frustrating. With the key exercises you want to be giving it your complete focus. It can be tough to have a good workout with poor equipment.

Usually the belt is old and worn down after years of abuse.

The distribution of weight is awkward.

The chain is not nearly long enough.

The belt can’t hold a lot of weight either.

If your equipment sounds like this it can be highly dangerous. The possibility of a chain or piece of material ripping is real. Nobody should want to get injured.

Not only that but your gains are being sacrificed as well. Once you start using heavy weights you could be stopped in your tracks.

If you can no longer add weight to your belt then progress will stop. You will see very little changes in the mirror once you stop getting stronger.

The Kino Belt is the best dip belt I have tried. Kinobody is a company I have been a fan of for a while. This product definitely didn’t disappoint.



  • The belt is comfortable even when using heavy weight
  • The addition of a phone sleeve allows you to protect your device and listen to music while lifting
  • Military grade Nylon material is strong and does not wear easily
  • Strap can be adjusted to your preference
  • Holds heavy weight over 240lbs well due to carabiner clip


  • For those who have large waists this may not be the best dip belt

The belt may not be secure for someone with a 40 inch waist. The vast majority of people do not have a waist this wide however.

  • The phone sleeve isn’t large enough for some models

Most models will fit the phone sleeve fine. If you have a phone that is much thicker than average it may not provide enough room.



Although I would recommend the Kino Belt as the best dip belt for the vast majority of lifters, there are other options.

The Harbinger Dip Belt with 30-Inch Steel Chain is a good choice for those with very large waists.

The Dip Belt by DMoose Fitness is another solid alternative.

I appreciate not everyone has the exact same standards. Therefore I understand the importance of offering other options as well.


Final Thoughts on the Kino Belt

The Kino Belt is the best dip belt I have used. I have not seen anything else superior to it on the market.

Another annoyance of mine with other belts is they can snag on your groin area. I think you will agree with me this is not ideal. Thankfully the Kino Belt’s front locking waist clip means this isn’t an issue.

Using the Kino Belt has meant I have been able to increase the weight on my pull up and dip without worrying whether the chain will be able to hold it.

This has given me peace of mind and allowed me to concentrate on lifting heavy and building muscle.

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