Best Blog Sites 2017 – Read and Take Action

It’s time to wrap up the year with a final review.

This time we will be looking at some of the best blog sites 2017 had to offer in my opinion.

Writing published content on the internet is a booming business.

On wordpress alone, 409 million people view more than 23.6 billion pages each month. Each month members produce 69.5 million new posts. That is a lot of words.

I don’t have the time to read all of those posts. Even if I did the vast majority do not align with my interests or taste.

There are a number that do however and today I will be showing you a select few.

Obviously I can’t include myself on the list as that would be obnoxious…

All of these blogs were discovered this year while roaming the internet mainly through social media.

If you like the sound of any of the sites below don’t be shy. Be sure the give them a visit and tell them Rise and Claim sent you.

Let’s take a look at some of the best blog sites 2017 had. 

This Dad Does

This Dad Does is for dads who do more.

Even if you’re not a dad there is still plenty to learn from the owner, Neil White. Many of us may not have a family to look after at present, sure.

That may prove to change in 5 or 10 years. It is never too soon to start learning.

Some of the main topics discussed are father and son dynamics, training and living out your mission. As a father it can’t just be about you anymore.

Your actions need to be good for you and good for your children as well. Getting in shape should be one of those actions.

Every dad should aim to be able to play with their kids. Don’t be the one on their phone at the side of the playground.

My favorite post – 5 Things the Army can Teach you About Being a Dad

In this article Neil draw’s the comparison between being in the army and being a parent.  After reading it I’m not sure which one is harder.

Some of the core principles remain the same between the two.

A family should be a strong unit where everyone looks out for one another, much like the army. It should also have a strong but noble leader in a father, akin to a Sergeant or Lieutenant.

Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge is a site for men seeking self-development. Not just any self-development however but masculine self-development.

Charles covers a wide variety of topics with the aim of moulding his readers into well-rounded men. These range from making money to improving your skills with women.

My favorite post – How To Get A 52 To 1 Advantage Over Your Competition

In this post Charles clearly demonstrates the difference between the average and the elite. There are of course, a number of stark differences.

Personality traits and IQ are basically fixed once in adulthood. One difference in particular does stand out as being in the hands of the individual – reading.

No, reading 52 books a year is not your one way ticket to CEO-heaven. It will dramatically improve your circumstances however.

Give it a try and come back to me in a year.

You should also check out my guest-post on Charles’s site. I talk about the experience of my first BJJ tournament and the lessons learned from it.

Calm and Collected

Calm and Collected is a site for young hustler’s everywhere. This is the go-to resource for those seeking to escape the rat race and go it alone.

You may be alone in person but not online. Dylan is someone you can look to for inspiration.

He is an example of someone who doesn’t just talk the talk but also walks the walk.

On Calm and Collected you will find articles on making money, personal growth and focusing on what matters.

My favorite postWhat it Means to Be a Young Hustler in America

I believe this was the first post on Calm and Collected I ever read. It was refreshing to see someone who was authentic and left it all on the table.

You should also read my review of Dylan’s book Think and Go Hustle.

Do you want to find out more about Dylan’s personal story while forging your own path at the same time?

It is perfect place to do so.

See why it is one of the best blog sites 2017 has to offer.

best blog sites 2017

Mars – the Roman God of War

The Family Alpha

Hunter Drew of The Family Alpha is another father who is leading by example. This is at a time when men need it the most.  

Calling oneself “The Family Alpha”, Hunter does not take does take those words lightly.

He is leading a family of his own in his personal life. At the same time he is also acting as a leader to other men online.

My favorite post – From Boy to Soy: The Story of Young American Men & Your Role as a Father

A quote that stood out to me was:

“Raise a Lion from birth like it’s a dog and one day it will rip your fucking face off.


Because it’s a fucking Lion.”

It serves as a reminder that there is a warrior within all of us. You may subdue him for decades but eventually he will awaken.

Acta, Non Verba is the motto Hunter espouses. Action comes before all else.

Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is a professional boxer and self-improvement blogger. Through his writing Ed uses his innumerable life experience to shine a  light on becoming the best version of yourself.

My favorite post – How to grow your Twitter following

The reason being is because Ed has actually tested these methods out in the field. He has grown his twitter following enormously because of what is written in this post.

It is at the point now where he has well over 30K followers, impressive.

You can also read about  how Ed came from the ghetto to where he is today. Now he has published two books and is making waves in the online world.

Visit his site to find out the mindset it takes to do something like this in your own life.

Best Blog Sites 2017

There a lot more quality sites out there. Twitter is probably the best place to find them. Follow me there to keep up with the action and continue your journey.

Remember – reading sites like those above is nothing unless you can apply the knowledge learned. There is a time for reading and a time for action.

At some point you need to step away from the screen and become the person you always wanted to be.

We all hold in our head an ideal to strive for.

The closer you are to that ideal, the more fulfilment and success will come your way.

Thanks for reading,

Stay tuned.

P.S Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think.

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