5 Reasons You Should Lift Weights

Why do you lift?

Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do for your health, confidence and overall quality of life. 


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Arnold smashing a deadlift


1) Lift to build a hard work ethic

The scientific underpinnings of building muscle and getting stronger is that you must break your muscle down before you build it back up, bigger and better. This is a form of sacrifice that radiates throughout life.

Each and every time you enter the gym to lift you are sacrificing yourself in the here and now for greater glory in the future. You are giving up time and energy so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour later on. This mantra is transferable to other aspects of life such as building a better business or better relationships. Quantitative building shows that the most successful people in one aspect of life are often successful in other aspects too. Get in better shape and you can develop the rest of your life also.

The Golden one creates the image of a valiant hero on a quest for eternal glory. By thinking of yourself as the protagonist of an epic tale this will give you the motivation you need to give it your all and become massive! Each gym session is a new chapter in your story to become the best version of yourself.

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‘The Golden One’ Looking Glorious!

2) Improve your physical health 

Lifting is not just about going to the gym 3/4 x a week. Lifting encourages you to take account of the rest of your life also. If you’re serious about it you’ll get your sleep, diet and nutrition in order as well. This will improve you as a man holistically. If you lift with correct form it is great for your joints and flexibility, injuries come when people let their ego get the best of them.

Lifting weights reduces cancer rates by up to 50{3711378c469cb0b0f2923e21da067e748d3928633920f885cee3cbec769ee698}, improves survival rates and reduces diabetes rates by up to 70{3711378c469cb0b0f2923e21da067e748d3928633920f885cee3cbec769ee698}  too. It does this by improving insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning, something that everyone can benefit from. Lifting improves bone density, helping you stay taller as you age by reducing bone demineralisation in your spine . Lifting right will mean you need less drugs and medical attention throughout your life, period.

The back is an essential part of any physique

3) Mental health gains

Lifting allows you to control your aggression and channel it towards a positive influence. You can unleash the beast in a safe environment .

The path of the lifter is one that starts from humbling beginnings (unless you’re a genetic freak). Looking back from when you could barely dead lift 1 plate aside to now being able to lift 4 will fill you with pride and confidence. This self belief enables you to conquer the other obstacles in your life.

Lifting is a form of meditation. It takes patience and dedication to put the work in day by day even though you may not see any results in the mirror for months. It is a meticulous process by which you can add 5lbs/2.5kg to some lifts every workout. These numbers seem small but when you look back over the years they add up to colossal amounts.

When you go under the bar and put yourself under agonising pressure you are building your character and resilience. Lifting is a form or self medication. For many it allows them to unplug from their day and focus on something that only requires themselves and the iron.


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The pull up is a killer exercise

4) Improve your confidence 

Lifting will give you fantastic posture which will improve your confidence and others opinion of you before a word has even been spoken. When you walk into a room you will give off a presence of someone who is to be respected. Having a great physique will allow you to fit into your clothes in a more appealing manner which will give you a higher self worth straight away. Knowing that you’ve crushed your bench press PR will give you the confidence to talk to that girl you’ve been thinking about all week.


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Lift with perfect form

5) Self defense

Of course it’s not just about big muscles, but having an imposing physique means that you’re less likely to be jumped up on from behind. Looking solid and strong can save you plenty of bother before it can even begin. 9 times out of 10 the stronger person will win a fight, that’s why lifting is so important. Along with starting a martial art, getting strong as hell is a must. Being a giant body builder that can’t move isn’t going to help much after a minute when you have gassed.

Violence is only a last resort. But if it is ever necessary then lifitng weights can give you that edge.

Lift Heavy, lift smart and lift with passion!


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